Early Intervention Certification

Vermont’s Comprehensive System of Personnel Development
“Integrating, aligning and coordinating Vermont’s Early Childhood system
to support and retain qualified personnel.”

What is the Early Intervention Certificate?  Certification is an initial and ongoing process for professionals providing quality early intervention services to families.   Since January 2016, 70 early interventionists have been certified. “This is a significant effort and shows the extensive professional skill set of early intervention” – Early Interventionist.  If you are a newly hired early interventionist and developmental educator, please complete the questions on the pre-application to start the process towards attaining an Early Intervention Certificate.   We will be in touch after we receive the pre-application information. 

Who needs to be certified?  Current and newly hired Early Interventionists whose job description includes some or all of the following: service coordination; screening, evaluation, and ongoing assessment; and direct services such as special instruction. An Early Intervention Certificate is required to bill Medicaid.

How does the process work? Your supervisor can support you to complete the application process.  Please use the forms below to walk you through the steps.  We will review these forms and the documents that you submit to show evidence of your skills. 

Coversheet and Application Checklist

Self-Assessment for Early Intervention Certification

What is a CIS-EI Credential Renewal and who does this apply to?  Any CIS-EI providers holding a certificate must renew their certification every three years.  You will be notified at least six months prior to when your renewal is due.  An Early Intervention Certificate is required to bill Medicaid for Initial Evaluations.  Further, your certificate provides a way for all families to know that they are receiving services from a professional who is qualified to deliver these services, which aligns with federal regulations (34 CFR §303.31)

CIS-EI Credential Certificate Renewal Materials

Where do I find the CIS Modules? The CIS-EI Modules and the quizzes may be found on the Northern Lights Career Development Website here

How do you write an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)?  Did you know that having an individual professional development plan, helps with practice?  Northern Lights Career Development Center just created two tutorials on creating great IPDPs.

  1.  The first is on the whole process.
  2. The second is on writing SMART goals.

If you are working on the Early Intervention Certification application, this can help you write the IPDP after completing the self-assessment of skills.  Supervisors who help staff to develop and monitor the IPDP may also find these tutorials helpful.  Please check out the other resources at NLCDC IPDP page



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