Leadership, Integration, Coordination, Sustainability Workgroup

Vermont’s Comprehensive System of Personnel Development
“Integrating, aligning and coordinating Vermont’s Early Childhood system
to support and retain qualified personnel.”

While we are highly appreciative of the Technical Assistance provided by the Early Childhood Personnel Center (ECPC), we have also crosswalked these subcomponents with the NAEYC Blueprint.  For more information on the NAEYC Blueprint Policies and Principles, please go to: http://www.naeyc.org/policy/ecwsi-blueprint

“The leadership, coordination, and sustainability subcomponent of the CSPD addresses the membership and responsibilities of a leadership team and the required elements of a written plan for the CSPD.  An adequate leadership team would include representatives with in-depth knowledge, authority, and influence for each of the service sectors (e.g. EC, Part C, and Section 619) represented in the system, as well as representation of important stakeholders, including families whose children receive services, direct service program administrators, educators and trainers who prepare personnel, and personnel who provide services.  Functions of the leadership team include advocating for resources; making decisions and setting priorities for personnel development; keeping stakeholders informed; soliciting feedback from stakeholders; being aware of related and tangential state initiatives in early childhood; and monitoring the functionality, effectiveness, and efficiency of the CSPD. The written plan delineates responsibilities, procedures, and processes for all subcomponents of the CSPD.  One of the primary purposes of the written plan is to communicate to stakeholders and others the core features of the system, as well as current and planned initiatives.

Quality Indicator 1: A cross sector leadership team is in place that can set priorities and make policy, governance, and financial decisions.

The Leadership Team:

  • is composed of key partners from EC, TA programs, IHEs, parent orgs, etc.
  • actively solicits and considers stakeholder input in setting priorities and making decisions.
  • align efforts with other EC and school-age PD systems when appropriate.
  • develops and aligns an overall vision, mission and purpose with early intervention and preschool sped systems.
  • identifies and advocates for opportunities for collaboration and coordination of resources (in policy, funding, initiatives).
  • ensures that funding and resources are available to sustain the CSPD plan.
  • disseminates info on the CSPD plan to relevant audiences.

Quality Indicator 2: There is a written multi-year plan in place to address all sub-components of the CSPD. 

The CSPD plan:

  • is based on the vision, mission and purpose.
  • is aligned with and informed by stakeholder input (standards, requirements, v/m/purpose of EC systems).
  • articulates a process for 2-way communication with stakeholders.
  • includes strategies for ongoing formative and summative evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of activities.”


Current initiatives involve assimilating and accommodating the similarities and differences with the CDD workforce to integrate systems; and developing a written CSPD plan.

To provide input, get involved or get more information, please send comments, questions, suggestions to Kati.Ringer@partner.vermont.gov.

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