Month- Meeting Type-Special Topic Area

September-Full Council Meeting- 9/9-Council Year Kick Off & Intro to Strategic Priority Planning

September-Full Council Meeting-9/30-Strategic Priority Planning #2: Priority Area Selection

October-Full Council Meeting-10/-Strategic Priority Planning #3: Draft Statements & Strategies

October-Full Council Meeting-10/23-Strategic Priority Planning #4: Council Meeting Plan

November-All Work Groups Meet (2 hrs)-Work Group Work Plan

December-Full Council Meeting-12/9-Facilitation Prep for CQI Meeting

December-Full Council Meeting-12/11-Annual CQI Meeting with Regions

January-Full Council w/ Work Group time-Workplan PDSA

January-Full Council Meeting-1/29-APR Review

February-All Work Groups Meet (2 hrs)                                                               

March-Full Council Meeting-3/12-Workplan PDSA

March-Full Council Meeting-3/26-SSIP Review, Semi-Annual Data Review, Institute/ PD Planning                              

April-All Work Groups Meet (2 hrs)                                                

May-Full Council Meeting-5/14-Workplan PDSA

May-Full Council Meeting-5/28-Part C Rules, Part C Grant, Council Promotional/Outreach Materials

June-All Work Groups Meet (2hrs)                                               

July-Full Council Meeting-7/16-Celebration of Accomplishments


Member Materials (document links)

VICC Core Statement

Advise and Assist: What is it?

CIS Family Engagement Promotion Statement

Vermont Interagency Coordinating Council for Children’s Integrated Services Statement of By-laws

VICC Purpose and Composition: Responsibilities and Expectations of Members

CIS Menu of Services

CIS Service System Nutshell

Vermont Interagency Coordinating Council Acronym Key

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