VICC Members

Although the VICC meetings are free and open to the public, the federal government decreed that certain roles needed to be represented in order to have a broad and multi-faceted perspective. Responsibilities of pledged Interagency Coordinating Council members include:

  • Providing information on proposed CIS policies
  • Identification of issues it would like addressed by CIS
  • Bringing input and information from constituents they represent to the attention of the Council and to CIS
  • Assisting in the statewide distribution of information, such as opportunities for public comment or input
  • Recommending strategies to the CIS state office to address system-wide issues or concerns

Length of TermsMembers serve staggered 2-year terms with terms expiring June 30 of each alternating year.

The membership requirements are:

Number of members:  24 “official” members appointed by the Governor  (excludes ex officio members)

Composition: The following are appointed by the Governor.  Members representing state agencies are nominated by their Commissioners.

Parents: At least five members must be parents of children age 13 or under who have knowledge or experience with programs for infants and toddlers with disabilities.  No parent member can be employed by a CIS contractor.  Because of the value CIS places on its parent members, the council by-laws require that at least one parent be present at each meeting to have a quorum. We need your voice! Click here to download an application!

Service Providers:  Five of the members must be public or private providers of CIS services.  One of the five must work specifically with Early Intervention.

State Legislature:  One member representing the State Legislature.

Personnel Preparation:  One member in the field of personnel preparation from University of Vermont.

Health Insurance: One member from the state agency responsible for regulation of health insurance. (Vermont Department of Public Health)

Child Care Agency:  One member from a state agency responsible for child care services.

Head Start: One member representing a Head Start program or agency.

Homeless Children and Youth: One member designated by the Office of Coordinator for Education of Homeless Children and Youth.

State Medicaid Agency: One member from the agency responsible for the State Medicaid program. 

State Education Agency:  One member from the Vermont Agency of Education with responsibilities for preschool services to infants and toddlers with disabilities.

Foster Care: One member from the state agency responsible for foster care services.

Advocate:  One member who is a professional advocate for the rights of young children with developmental disabilities. (Building Bright Futures)

Physician:  One member who is a physician, preferably a pediatrician who serves young children with developmental disabilities.

In Addition:

Ex-officio members:  The CIS Administrative Support staff member may appoint additional “ex officio” members to perform specific time-limited tasks as needed by the council.  They serve as non-voting members.

If you have questions, would like a list of current members or need further information, please contact Shannon Hottinger.

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