Recruitment and Retention Workgroup

Vermont’s Comprehensive System of Personnel Development
“Integrating, aligning and coordinating Vermont’s Early Childhood system
to support and retain qualified personnel.”

"States need to have information regarding position vacancies and the number of positions filled by individuals lacking full qualifications across systems, by discipline and by region.  Information related to future, anticipated vacancies (e.g. aging workforce, increasing or decreasing population rates) can also be helpful.  If vacancies are a problems, states need to examine existing recruitment and retention strategies, evaluate their effectiveness, and make decisions about the need for exploring and implementing additional strategies.

Quality Indicator 9: Comprehensive recruitment and retention strategies are based on multiple data sources, and revised as necessary.

Quality Indicator 10: Comprehensive recruitment and retention strategies are being implemented across disciplines.

Recruitment and Retention Strategies:

  • are based on data, research and stakeholder input.
  • target discipline-specific shortages.
  • are tracked, reviewed and updated.
  • target opportunities for advancement:
    • Articulation/coordination between IHEs
    • Career pathways
  • increase support:
    • Induction/orientations
    • Administrative support
    • Mentoring
  • address incentives:
    • Recognition programs
    • Financial compensation
    • Scholarships
    • Service obligations
    • Loan reimbursement
    • Tuition reimbursement
  • Alternative routes to certification
  • Online recruitment system"

Vermont currently has a Career Ladder at:

Current initiatives involve collecting baseline retention data, developing retention strategies in partnership with regional agencies, working with Child Development Division on the development of an Infant/Toddler Credential as a possible recruitment strategy; and increasing UVM field placements.

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