Early Intervention and Part C

Part C Early intervention must be provided in accordance with Part C of the 2004 IDEA and in accordance with the reauthorized Part C regulations in effect September, 2011.  Early Intervention services are provided to children experiencing cognitive, physical, communication, social/emotional or adaptive delay or who have a diagnosed medical condition that has a high probability of resulting in developmental delay.
 Resources for service providers include guidance on service delivery and expectations are available in the CIS guidance manual. Also information about the CIS job description for individuals filling this role on the CIS regional team.

IDEA Part C requires states to enter into agreements with the State agency that is responsible for the state’s IDEA Part B services.  The purpose of the agreement is to ensure Vermont’s infants and toddlers who may have a disability are identified as early as possible and referred to Part C services.  The agreement also clarifies the roles and responsibilities between the Part B (early childhood special education) and Part C (early intervention) agencies and service providers to ensure children who may have a disability at age three transition successfully. Vermont’s current signed agreement between the Agency of Human Services responsible for IDEA Part C and the Agency of Education responsible for IDEA Part B is available here: Vermont Part C and B Interagency Agreement

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