Maternal and Child Health and Nursing

CIS nurses assist eligible individuals to gain access to needed medical, social, educational and other community services. The nurse promotes safe, preventive health and prenatal care practices, and prepares moms and their partners for childbirth and becoming a parent. The nurse assists new moms by supporting their growth in understanding the complex social, emotional, physical and economic challenges and changes that occur during these role transitions. The nurse also continually assesses mom’s educational and health needs in the context of her own learning needs, which build on existing knowledge, experiences, strengths and successes to help her find other supports and resources.

CIS nursing services are described as case management services under Title XIX of the Social Security Act. The Vermont state plan for Title XIX defines the target group; areas of the state in which services will be provided; definition of services; referral and related activities; monitoring and follow-up activities; qualifications of providers; freedom of choice; and access to services and payment.

Resources for service providers include guidance on service delivery and expectations are available in the CIS guidance manual. Also information about the CIS job description for individuals filling this role on the CIS regional team.

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